SCHEMATIC DESIGN...we believe must be individual, based on the client needs, budget and site requirements. F/S Design will focus on quality, scope and budget to arrive at the optimum solution to meet our client's needs.

WORKING DRAWINGS...are an important part of the services offered by F/S Design. Details developed during the working drawing phase enhance the design and provide the documentation necessary for pricing & construction.

INTERIOR DESIGN...coordinates & completes the design process and working drawings, dealing with lighting design, fine-tuning space relationships, detailed kitchen and bath designs, selecting finish materials, plumbing and lighting fixtures, cabinetry, furnishings, and artwork, leading our clients to a successful completion.

CONSTRUCTION visits and open communication during construction are important aspects of our services. These help your builder complete your project based on the designs and documents created by Freiwald/Staudacher Design. We are available to answer any and all questions during bidding & construction as part of this service.

3D IMAGES... we draw using 3D software to visualize all spaces and to easily explore options.

FEES...are typically based on a percentage of the project budget and vary based on the level of involvement.

Photographs of previous projects and further information are available here on our website.